Formula Fitness Webinar - August 14 - save your spot!

We always get asked about how to level up formula skills so we’re starting a new series where we do deep dives into different parts of the formula language to help folks level up their skills. Join me and @justin in an exploration of the Filter formula. We’ll have interactive exercises and a practice doc for all of you.

Save your spot here -

We can’t promise you’ll break a sweat and get your cardio on, but we can promise you’ll have a good time!

:running_woman: :running_man: :running_woman: :running_man: :running_woman: :running_man:

Edit we had to make a date change to Friday - see you there!


If you missed it, don’t worry! You can use that same link to watch the recording.
:weight_lifting_man: :weight_lifting_woman: :weight_lifting_man: :weight_lifting_woman:

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Dear @maria and @justin,

Great presentation :trophy:, scaling up to difficulty level, give users the chance step by step to grow the skill​:muscle:.

Recommend to add this to the learning section and the formula page as it’s worth to invest some time to spend on this for users without experience building formulas.

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