Formula Fitness Webinar - September 22 - Save your spot!

We had so much fun in the last formula fitness webinar that we’re doing another one! This time we’re focusing on Contains, Matches, and Find. Join me and Al for a chat!

:running_man:t2: :running_woman:t2: :weight_lifting_man:t2: :weight_lifting_woman: :running_woman:t2: :running_man:t2: :weight_lifting_man:t2: :weight_lifting_woman:


This is great. Did I miss an email about this? Glad I discovered this community and won’t be missing it!

So glad you’re going to join us! I also recommend following our crowdcast channel ( to be notified when we go live. See you there!

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Thanks. Would be great to get them via emal too :slight_smile: