Formula for variations of text

I need a formula that will take the text in one column and create variations of that text in a separate column. The variations would be different capitalizations/lowercase and character differences(and vs &).

Here’s a breakdown…

Instead of generating all possible variations of text you should rather find a way to normalize both the submission and the answer to some common variation :slight_smile:

  • Replace accidental double spaces, e.g. RegexReplace("\s+", " ")
  • Replace all punctuation, e.g. RegexReplace("[^\w\s]", "")
  • Before that, replace & with and using the same method
  • Turn both the submission and the expected answer to .Lower()
  • or instead of converting to lowercase, look for the submitted answer to include the expected answer with Answer.ContainsText(Expected, true, true) — this is a cool function because it’s also capable to ignore variations in áccénts, not only letter case, i.e. returns true on “fjällräven kånken” containing “Fjallraven”
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