Formula with blank output


I’m new on Coda.

Do you know why there’s nothing displaying into the output column?

In case you need, here’s the link to the doc:

Thanks guys for your help.


i think you need to link a row of performance 2 to link to a row in audiences - when you did Audiences.Volume in your formula, you pulled out a collection of values (and thus the stacked icon next to it) and as its not a single value, multiplying it with a bench % doesnt really work.

here are the steps i would suggest:

  1. create a lookup on Audiences that points to performance2 table - lets call it stage
  2. setup appropriate stage for each record in Audiences table
  3. then change you formula to be if(stage = 'awareness', 0 , Bench% * Audiences.filter(stage = thisRow).Volume.first() (or Volume.sum() - if you expect more than one values in single stage) would give you the right result.
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Thank you genius @Krunal_Sheth! This one works. :pray:

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