Gantt Chart Control Collapse Behavior

Current Behavior

Currently, when collapsing grouped Gantt chart rows, the default seems to use the earliest start date and the latest end date. This is fine for some things, like project planning, but it doesn’t accurately express other data, like looking at the availability of physical assets.

Requested Behavior

When grouping Gantt chart data, we should be able to whether the data is merged into a single entry or represented as multiple entries. Viewing as single entries should have the option to expand to see the individual entries while viewing as multiple entries should remove that behavior, relying on hovers to see the detail view.


I have a project that is made up of milestones and those are all scheduled loosely on the calendar. I want to view a Gantt chart of my milestones grouped by project using the current behavior because the project isn’t over until all of the milestones are complete.

When it comes to assigning large equipment to projects, I want to have a quick view of availability that also shows in a Gantt chart. For this, I don’t need or want multiple lines per equipment because each one can only be in one location at a time. If my backhoe is scheduled to be at Site 1 for the next month and is scheduled to be at Site 2 for a month six months from now, the Gantt chart should not show the backhoe as being used for the idle time in between.

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