Gated access newsletter

Could we make a newsletter with:

  • read and comment only access
  • for a specific role
  • that would show the person who is reading’s it identifier on any print-outs or exports
  • and be watermarked on any print-outs or exports?

If so, how?


Read and Comment only access:
Yes! Just set those settings in your doc locking (if you have the right tier Coda plan that allows locking)

For a specific role:
Not exactly sure what you mean here? If you are wanting to have different access per user, that level of granular access is not yet possible with Coda. What you can do is set it so that only certain individuals can unlock which gives some people full access, and some people limited access.

That would show the person who is reading its identifier on any printouts:
For sure! Just write a canvas based formula somewhere on your canvas (either beginning or end would make sense)

What exactly do you need watermarked, or what function would watermarking be accomplishing for you? There might be some work-around, but for the moment Coda doesnt have a watermarking feature like Google Docs or Word


Ty so much for the complete reply!

For groups, one example is that I’d like to have a newsletter for our advisory board that is extremely limited access.

  • Being able to assign people to that group on a per entity (document) basis and set permissions that way would be ideal. It doesn’t have to be an account level role. Rather, like Fibery, it could be set per doc with a super flexible in entity definition.
  • The watermarking is, for our purposes at this time, largely about security of confidential info. If people print things out, pass on pdfs, etc. it helps ensure continual awareness of that.