geographic coordinates and google maps

good night guys, so I already saw that you can put maps … but that adding the geographic coordinates that we took from google, would be more precise and so I could leave my address list more accurate

Coda supports GPS coordinates in the GoogleMap function. Look at the second example under that formula.

If you have the geo coordinates, we can render it on a map.

Is that what you had in mind?

What is the current status of the GoogleMap function ? I can’t seem to find it in the functions reference guide.
I see the Spatial section with distance and location functions but not anything that looks like a Googlemaps function.

Dear @Karl_Niemann

Hopeful this link gives you what you are looking for GPS Coordinates

Jean Pierre


There is no GoogleMap function documented there? Is this not supported anymore?

Thank you

Bumping this, has Google Maps functionality been removed?

To answer myself, it’s been moved to ‘experimental’.

Guess that means they remove it from documentation and hide it from the autofill list, but it still works. See below for how to use.