[Gig] Designing and Building Workflows in Workflows

nRhythm is looking for a Part-Time Coda Developer

Hello Coda community,

nRhythm is looking for someone to automate and maintain our workflows for the Organizational Health Index (OHI).

About nRhythm

nRhythm is a diverse team of entrepreneurs, activists, artists, farmers, coaches, writers, and designers combining our collective talents, experiences, and lived experience to address the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues. We design, operate, and resource organizations, networks, and communities using nRhythm Regenerative Framework, which takes a holistic, living systems-based approach to improving organizational outcomes while increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and well-being of employees.

About the Project

nRhythm’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) is an eighty-question assessment that monitors the health of the operating environment of organizations, networks, and communities. The OHI serves clients in a diversity of industries around the world, from food and agriculture, to architecture, to finance.

We are transitioning from our current manual daily reporting process to an automated workflow. This will allow us scale our capacity to serve more clients to create health and equity in the workplace. This Coda + Integromat + SurveyMonkey pipeline allows us to generate custom assessments. The objective is to alleviate the repetitive computerized tasks to allow our team to spend more time growing the reach of our tool. This is the first a series of monitoring tools that we plan to develop.

We are looking for someone to join our team on a part-time basis to build and maintain the OHI tool and workflows.


Designing and Building Workflows in Workflows in Coda + Integromat

  • data modeling in coda (designing tables, creating lookups/filters/formulas)

  • visualization in coda (colors, displays, charts, etc)

  • scenario creation in Integromat

  • making a manual API call in Integromat (requires reading an API and creating a call in Integromat)

  • translate workflow description into data model + scenario design

  • data management experience is an asset (optimizing question bank management)

  • some programming skills are an asset

Future potential needs might include: data management, optimizing question bank management, training the team to use the tool

How much work

This role will be 10 hours a week but may require a few more hours in the beginning to get the tool up and running.

Contact. Looking forward to hearing back from the Coda Community. Please email preston@nrhythm.co if this position interests you. If you have built any scenarios or workflows, please attach them to your email.

Definitely interested!

Sending you an email now or you can reach out to me here → Scott@simpladocs.com

Replied as well. Welcome to the Community, @Preston_Cates!

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