Grid beta feature

Hi there,

I have just signed up for this beta feature for Grid table, Sign up for Coda's product betas..
But, it doesn’t show in the / menu.

How can I add it, please?
Thanks in advance.

Hey Mina, I see that this beta feature is enabled for you. Can you confirm if you still do not see it? Thanks!

Hi Alice, thanks for replying.
First, it wasn’t showing up, but it has recently appeared. But, I can’t highlight a whole row or column like the image on the beta feature install link. Is this feature still not added??

When you hover above the column or the the left of the row, you should see something to click on. This will highlight the row or column. Check out my screenshots below:

If that’s not what you mean, can you please share more? Thanks!

Thanks for replying.

I mean this coloring of the header row or column (They are gray).
I can’t find an option to color it like this picture Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Thanks in advance.

Ah thanks for clarifying! We do not support background colors yet so you won’t be seeing that option at this time but it is something the team is working on. :slight_smile: