Habit Installer - Multi-User App for Installing Habits

I created a multi-user app prototype for people to install/uninstall habits. Unlike a traditional habit app, this one uses spaced repetition to make sure the habit is automatic. It also includes a setback planning process to prevent you from stopping the habit when times get tough.

Anyways, here’s the initial marketing copy with all the info about features I added to the doc.

For the past couple months, I’ve been working on a new type of habit app.

Most existing habit apps work on the principle of reminders and check offs. The app reminds you when its’ time to enact your habit, and you check off if you did it.

This is fine for what it is, but there are two problems:

  1. It can’t really work with habits that happen at variable times throughout the day. The majority of really useful lifechanging habits fall under this category.

  2. It fosters dependence on your phone. The actual habit becomes “Do what my phone tells me” instead of actually installing the habit.

This app is different.


Instead of checking off when you do your habit, there are checkins about how frequently you’ve been using your habit. These checkins are smart - At first, when you’re not very consistent at your habit, the check ins will be more frequent. Later, the check ins will happen less often, so you’re not dependent on your phone.


We use a spaced repetition algorithm to smartly predict when you’re likely to start having trouble with your habit. On those days, we give you audio guided conditioning sessions, that take you through exercises to strengthen your habit. Once again, at first, when you’re new to your habit, the conditioning sessions come frequently. Later, the conditioning sessions come further and further apart, until they’re not needed anymore.

The audio sessions use proven methods for strengthening habits, like live practice, visualization, memory reconsolidation, and mental contrasting.


The app has a smart setback planning process, that kicks in early on in a new habit’s lifecycle. It’s based on CFARs murphyjitsu, and allows you to come up with a series of plans and actions to bulletproof your habit and ensure you won’t fail. This process is fractal, to allow for truly bulletproof plans.


The app has a HABIT MASTERY setting. Based on your checkins and conditioning session, the app tells you what % you’ve mastered the habit. When Mastery reaches 100%, you no longer get check ins or conditioning sessions for the habit, providing space for you to install new habits as they come up.


The app is currently a very ugly, very hacky prototype, but it’s quite useful, and I’ve used it to install a number of habits related to morning routine and communication. Its’ the only way I’ve found to consistently install implementation intentions like “If I feel defensive, relax and ask myself what I’m defensive about”, and uninstall habits like “When I get anxious, I eat”.


I’m currently looking for alpha testers. If you’re interested send a one time payment of $2.99 to Matt Goldenberg on Venmo, along with your email address, or pay with Paypal/Credit Card here: http://athenarationality.mattgoldenberg.net/habit-installer-uninstaller

Of course if at any time in the first couple months you decide the app is for you, you get a refund no questions asked. The payment is simply to ensure a minimum level of commitment and effort, based on my previous experience testing alpha versions.