Help solve the access problem

Hi! Help solve the access problem.
I have Regions that I want to give Employees access to (the Region table).
There are partners who are located in certain regions and have certain equipment (Partners table)
And there is equipment owned by a Partner and located in a certain Region (Equipment table). I want the employee to see only the equipment from his Region using the “Contains(User())” filter.
This problem is related to the lack of reverse search in Coda, please help me solve it.

Hi there. It looks like you are most of the way to solving your problem, but are trying to fix the errors on the ‘access’ column in the ‘technic’ table - is that correct? If so, then all you need to do is add .listcombine() at the end of the formula in the ‘access’ column.

The issue is that each cell in the ‘partner’ column of the ‘technic’ table is actually a list (because the filter formula is capable of returning more than row from the ‘partners’ table). In turn, each cell in the ‘access’ column of the partner table is itself a list, containing one or more names. Thus the ‘access’ column in the ‘technic’ table is currently returning a ‘list of lists’, hence the square brackets and error messages. Once you have fixed the error, you should be able to filter to only those rows where the ‘access’ column contains the current user.


Thank you very much! It works!

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