Help with conditional formatting

I’d like to add a conditional format that will highlight (yellow) for students who have missed 2 times and (red) for students who have missed 3 or more times. I’m not sure the formula I need to write for that. I have them grouped by students already so I can see the count, but I’d love to add that color. Also, if I can sort the groups so that students with the most absences come to the top, that would be AMAZING!

Hi @Cherise_Clark - do you mind sharing a sample doc here. Knowing your setup will help with getting you the result you want.

Hopefully this works?

The page I’d like help with is the Absence Tracker. Sorry! I didn’t know it would post the entire document. :blush:

Hi @Cherise_Clark, can you take a look at the doc ( and you can update the sharing setting to view only so others cannot edit it)

I added a new column to calculate Absences and created conditional formats for it.
you can also sort by it to get the most absent student on top.

Thank you! This works perfectly!

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