Help with creating rules for a column

I have one column (Column A) that has a list of tags (i.e. “Turtles”, “P1”, “Bug”) and I want to set up another column (Column B) that has the following logic: “IF Column A contains “Turtles” then Column B displays “Turtles”.”

How might I do that? Would SO appreciate any help!!

Hey! You basically already wrote the formula yourself.

It would be:

If(columnA.contains(“turtles) , “turtles” , “not turtles” )

So, basically my use case is that I’ve got a column of Linear labels and I want to separate out the customer columns so I can easily group by customer. So if one customer is “Turtles” and another customer is “Cats” and another is “Giraffes” how would I write that such that if it’s not turtles, it doesn’t say “not turtles” but instead it says the customer that is is?

Can you share a doc?

ColumnA.contains(‘Turtles’), ‘Turtles’,
ColumnA.contains(‘Eels’), ‘Eels’,
ColumnA.contains(‘Sharks’), ‘Sharks’,

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THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH :heart: :face_with_head_bandage:

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