Hide filters and other options (instead of deleting)

I’d like to set up a bunch of filters on a table and then “hide” them if I want to turn them off, instead of deleting them or setting them to empty. This way I don’t have to set them up again if I need them - I can just click on a little eyeball and turn them on again.

Bonus if you could tie this into automations - if I click this button, it unhides/hides that filter, etc. This would be especially helpful when giving instructions to newbie users. Instead of "hover over the table and click the little blue “Filter” link, then find, etc., etc.) - just click a button and the filtering happens.


I commonly use checkboxes for this.

In the table filter formula editor:

  checkboxFilterToggle = false,
  { apply filters (filtering code goes here) }

That’s easy enough for toggling ALL filters for a table. I also often create these toggles for INDIVIDUAL filters, in addition to the ALL filters toggle. Also doable, but more work, and the logic can get confusing.

I like your idea of having UI controls for toggling filters. It would also be nice to extend that functionality to various combinations of table configuration elements (filtering, sorting, grouping, hidden columns, etc) by letting the user save combined table configurations in a dropdown list from which a given configuration could be called on demand.:grinning: