Hourly timely & row-by-assignee


i’m trying to create an hourly timeline with tasks assigned to a person/org lined-up in the same row for each day as per sample diagram below -

if it can be done, may i get a guide fr that, pls?


Hi Nik !

Did you try the timeline view ?

In your exemple, KBR and SZB are people ?

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Hi Nik,

You could do that in a two step process.

First is a table with a row for each date/hour/employee.

Then you create a new table. This second table consists of columns for each person/hour, driven by a (for example) canvas filter.

Hope that gives you some ideas.


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many2 tks fr yr replies, @Piet_Strydom & @Aurelie_Pureur1

let me try the suggestions again & i will revert in due course.


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hi again @Aurelie_Pureur1 / @Piet_Strydom

i have created a table as per weblink-

it’s to show that what person (aa-a) does in 1 day in 1 row-timeline

the objective/intent is to create a timeline view that shows routes flown by each aircraft registration (regn) on a single line for each day (date) as shown in my sample earlier.

in the sample table (via the weblink), there are 2 aircraft registration (2 regn’s) & therefore the timeline view shud reflect 2 lines (1 for each aircraft registration or regn).

the timeline view may b created in another table.

task starts with std & ends with sta, if possible.

apprec if u can assist me here.
tks & krgds,

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