How can I populate the lookup for a column as a union of values from two tables?

I have two tables with names of managers (Engineering Managers and UX Managers). In a flat sheet of employees, I want the name of the manager to be from the combined list of managers. What is the easiet way to do this

Hi Amritansh

The very easiest way is to merge the two tables into a single manager table. And then to have a view each for UX and Engineering,


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Imo, this is the easiest way:


It’s also an easy way to create a mess of your schema. I recommend avoiding this shortcut in all but the most unimportant scenarios.

I would approach it something like the following, which will retain the integrity of your schema.

Play with the dropdowns in the manager column to see what it’s doing.

Look here to see how it’s doing it: manager → column settings → Item settings → Filter:

type.Contains(thisRow.type.[manager type])

EDIT: You would obviously customize the feeder table(s) per your actual schema.