How do we delete 'starter docs' and 'learn the basics'

Hi all, we just started learning Coda for our small web development team and we have a few questions, so I’ll be posting as I learn.

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is, as we create new folders, each one has a ‘starter doc’ and ‘learn the basics’ doc in there. We can’t delete them or hide them in any way that I know.

Is this a dubious ‘feature’ of a free account or will it go away after a while or is there some setting I can’t find? Thanks!

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HI Yoni,

Welcome to Coda! Hope that you find what you are looking for. And feel free to keep the questions coming.

If you mouseover any doc, at the far right of the block you will see a … three dot menu. If you click on that, you will get the menu below, from where you can delete the doc.


There is no … three dot menu over the starter docs. See here:

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Hi Yoni,

I did a test - As soon as you create your first doc, the starter doc disappears. I do not get the Team Meeting doc, I assume it comes with a Team subscription - I only have a Pro.

Please try , and let us know.


Hi Piet,

Chiming in on this as well. The starter doc does not disappear, in fact it appears in every new folder in our workspace and is impossible to dismiss, and remains there after adding our own doc.

Thanks for your help!

I suggest you contact support by clicking on the question mark in the bottom right of a document.


Thanks Piet! We did in fact contact support as a first step and only came to the forum because they sent a boilerplate, unhelpful response.

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