How does coda differ from Airtable


As a early Airtable user trying to build my own CRM, I’m finding obstacles along the way. I want to build my own using Airtable so I can control the info I want.

I’m wondering how does coda differs from Airtable, what does Coda do that Airtable can’t already do?

Certain obstacles I am finding are:

You can’t link bases without Zapier, this means I have one base with a silly amount of tables so I don’t have to duplicate content.

Formula fields

What I feel is a simple command here but I’ve not worked out how. I want to keep note of receipts, I have a total,vat and combined total. Now some receipts have the combined total, some just give me the total. In Airtable I have to put in the combined total and it will work out and fill the vat and total amount fields based on that figure. I would like a feature where I can put it the amount in either the total field or combined total field and it will fill out the other two based in that. In Airtable, I can’t seem to manually fill a formula field so I have to manually work out the total figure to out it in if that’s all I have.

I also use blocks to design invoices, the design process is awful and if I wanted to copy it to another base, I have to start from scratch. Does coda have a similar feature and more importantly, is it better?