How many docs do you use?

Hi all!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I’m just looking for some general advice about best practices as far as document / table size and configuration.

I’m coming here from OmniFocus and attempting to find a more complete solution for GTD. Something that can bridge the gap between actionable and non actionable data, while connecting the dots between the various altitudes of work. The now defunct IQtell system is a big inspiration for how I would like to approach my coda use.

For instance, my current setup ( apologies for it not being linked - I’m on My phone ) has the following sections / sub sections

  • tasks / available / & various levels of blocked or held tasks, such as blocked by a dependency, date, manually paused, etc.

  • projects - project list, and then a sub section for project support material. I’ve created a button that links directly to a filtered view from the list to showcase project data including actionable and reference material. I have worked out a system that carries over the concept of sequential / parallel / single action lists from OmniFocus and automatically blocks tasks from available action lists based on their sequential code.

  • I’m working on making gant charts function the way that I want them to. I’m working on associating sequence positions with dates, but have had mixed success in getting the formula to mimic exactly what I’ve seen in software like Microsoft office. I’m hoping to adapt this to a larger “horizontal review” kind of practice.

  • I’ve started to use the setup for projects as a template for someday / maybe lists. It is difficult though to work out hierarchies of ideas. My projects basically just have project / sub project / task / sub tasks.

I’m trying to work in financial information, as well as visual libraries. So, I have a lot going on and I fear I might not be approaching this from the most efficient way. Currently all of my information is stored in one table. This table has over 100 columns, and every time I find a new trick, it becomes so intensive to renovate the system.

To anyone who has ever approached a similar setup, or chosen not to… Is there anything from my TLDR description that pops out as a dire mistake? Am I completely missing the boat on multiple tables ? I’ve been worried about carrying over features between tables, and moving information fluidly between them.

Any advice for the newbs over here?

Thanks, nate

Honestly, that sounds about right. I’ve built many tools that have grown beyond the hundred column limit.

I could write something longer talking about some tips that have worked for me, but I wanted to give you some encouragement that that doesn’t sound absolutely crazy.

I hope you have one Database view that lets you see all the columns at once.

I would bring @Paul_Danyliuk into this because he knows a lot about structuring docs and has several posts (and a blog) talking about how to build these things efficiently. The word on the street is he even has a 1 row todo list implementation because his fingernails are Manhattan ivory and his mind a well tended field striped with parallel furrows of overturned dark loamy soil. Which is known to be perfect for cultivating Coda docs.

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