How to add citations in coda (similar to google doc)

I own a book publishing company where I help entrepreneurs go from book idea to bestseller in just 6 months even if they don’t have the time or skill to write the book.

We also write the book for them. We have built the entire writing system on (it used to be on google doc).

Everything looks perfect but there is one important feature missing. Adding citations.

In books we write, sometimes we need to add citations (authors, websites, references) and its really easy to do it in google doc.

Here’s a 15 sec video on how to do it in google doc - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I’d already a conversation with the support ticket and the alternative they think could be highlighting a sentence and adding a comment for citations (but unfortunately, it won’t work in my case).

So, just wanted to share this issue with the forum here and get some help from the creative minds.

Thanks for your help.

You could make a table with all the cited items. It will contain the information about the author, title, publisher etc. If you create a tag field you could filter all the references based on it. The table could have concatenate formula fields based on the citing style you want to use. For example, Author, (YEAR) and full description.

Inline citing could be tricky, but the main Bibliography at the end of the book should be easy - just make a view of the reference table at the end filtered by the tag and show only the concatenated field, that you created with the full description of the reference.

Hope this helps!