How to automate sending a copy of past due invoices to each customer?

I have two tables, Invoices and Line Items where the Line Items table is related to Invoices. Every day I want to run an automation that will filter the invoices by the due date < today and email a page/canvas to the customer, containing the invoice data/header and all of the related line items. How can I does this in a way where the canvas that I am sending will display the correct invoice info and related items?

I have tried various formulas to filter the invoice table by date and then to email a page but I can’t seem to get the line items to also filter down to the current invoice.

This seems like it should be relatively simple to do but after hours of google searches and watching youtube video I have not found a way to do it in a fully automated fashion.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


So there might be a better way to do it, but here’s how I do stuff like this.

In your Invoice table, create a canvas column, and then add a row that you’ll use to format the template. In the canvas column of the new row, write out your email template, then add a view of your Line Items table, select which columns you want in the email, then in the filter for that view, there should be an option to filter so the relation column contains parent row.

After that, click on the options for the the canvas column, and for the value of new rows, select the template row you just created, then click Apple to Blank rows option that will pop up.


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