How to create a view from inner join

How can I create a view from an inner join, i.e. combine rows from two tables with one column of values in common?

Customers table: CustomerID
Orders table: OrderID, CustomerID

Show all orders by joining on CustomerID:
Order1, Customer1
Order2, Customer1
Order3, Customer2
Order4, Customer2

Hi @Andrew_Malcolmson and welcome to this community! :handshake:

I’d suggest you to consider Coda more on a object-oriented philosophy rather than a key-based relationships.

Please, have a look at this simple example based on your use-case.

As you can see, you query your data by providing the actual “object” (i.e. Row), rather than a key.
this also simplifies dynamic filtering when building up views.
Note that I just added ID columns for the sake of the relational heritage, but they are not really needed.

Let me know if this helps.


If you really need and want ID references, you can still build up your filter like this:
e.g. “retrieving the Customer of the first Order”:
Customers.Filter(ID=Orders.First().[Customer ID])
[or the equivalent Customers.Lookup(ID,Orders.First().[Customer ID])]
or “retrieving all Orders of the first Customer”
Orders.Filter([Customer ID]=Customers.First().ID)


That’s great Fredrico. Your example showed me I needed to reformat the Customers column in the Orders table as a lookup to the Customers table.

I’ll study the rest of your answer soon.

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