How to do a multiple select item checkout system

I’m trying to create a inventory checkout system. I want to add multiple items into a single lookup and then have another column for the checkout quantity of each item listed in the lookup.

This is basically what I’m thinking

Hey there @Ethan_Liston ,

Are you just trying to have the quantity column in the Checkout table list the “inventory quantity” number from the “Inventory” table up above?

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir,

I want the checkout quantity to subtract from the inventory quantity when I click the checkout button.
Each number from the checkout quantity correspond to each item in the item column for example: the item “green” in the order “John Smith” corresponds to the number 1 in the column quantity as well as the item orange corresponds to the number 12 in “quantity”.

When I click the “Checkout” button I want the numbers in “Quantity” to subtract there values from there corresponding items in “Inventory Quantity”

I don’t if this is possible with coda just trying to see if there’s a way. Thank you for your help.

Let me know if this cleared up your question or not.

Hey @Ethan_Liston

This what you are looking for?

Every time you press the button it will subtract “1” from the appropriate row in the “Inventory” column.

Let me know if you need any more help!

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir

That is a huge step in the right direction, though instead of subtracting 1 from the 3 values, could you subtract whatever values that are in the “Quantity to Subtract” column to there corresponding values.

Just as a example, I want to be able to subtract 1 from the green row, 10 from the yellow row, and 12 from the orange row. So that the end quantity would be 77 for green, 85 for yellow, and 4 for orange.

Here is a link

Thank you so much for helping me out.

Hey @Ethan_Liston ,

Check out this document - it is accomplishing the same function you are looking for, but in a much different (and I think a cleaner more app-like way). This structure will also, in the end, give you MUCH greater reporting features, ability to create dashboard, have a good history of who checked out what, create graphs and charts of info, etc. Link:

Reach out if you need any more support!

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