How to duplicate the Row with next month

I want to duplicate the row with button action and I want all the data to be copied as it is and date should of next month. Ex if I have a date of 24th march and when I click on the duplicate button then the date should be of 24th April.

Please find the example sheet below


hi @Tanuj_Verma ,
Thanks for adding a sample doc, that works great

what I did was this:

  • I added an extra column with the next month
  • I used this value in the function you already had

This is the function in the button

  Table.Name, thisRow.Name,
  Table.Cost, thisRow.Cost,
  Table.TheDate,thisRow.[next month]

To get the next date I used:


Hope it helps!

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Thank you so much! I added this formula in button and its working like a charm for me.

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