How to extract text from other table based on filter

I have this simple problem and I can’t realize how to apply other related solutions in this communit to my problem.

I have 1 table with text data that I want to use several times in different tables and I want to link tables in order to avoid typos and rewriting.

So, I want to pull data Teacher and Bio columns from “Data actividades y personas” Table into “Actividades” Table if it matches the activity. Currently I can use a Lookup Column to select the Activity column but I need to populate automatically other columns in this second table.

Dear @Cristian_Reynaga,

In the formula you should write [Nombre actividad].Teacher

Meaning you refer first to the name of the lookup column and after the period you select one of the options, in your case “Teacher” or “Bio” as these are the options available in “Data actividades y personas”.

Wow, so simple and smart!

Thank so much @Jean_Pierre_Traets!

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