How to find and replace a text in a table with an image

How can I find and replace a text in a column of a table,Ex-Column 1, With an image from my computer.

Maybe I will need to use the “file///” address and also Reg Ex,

For Example- If a Table contains the word “A” I want to replace it with the image of an Antena,

And I have been trying to do this for a long time but was unable to succeed,Can anyone help me with this,


Hey @Dv_Fh set up a table with the images:

[Stub], [Image URL]
A, https:///

Then in your table where you want to switch between images, use Switch():

  A, @A.ImageURL
  B, @B.ImageURL


Good luck

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Can you share a link to your project as I am not able to find and replace a column of text of a table and I believe this is because I am doing some thing wrong and below is the link to my project,
and,Thank You for your help.