How to make something in a published table so it can be copied?

I have a document based on a whole bunch of look-ups of a huge data set. (Standards for math courses, if you care.) It is published, in play mode (so people can’t screw things up) and very useful. BUT people need to be able to copy the contents of a cell and paste it elsewhere, and they can’t. (These are things like “MGSE9-12.G.SRT.8” so you don’t want to copy-type!) I have tried dummy columns with totext, all sorts of things, but I can’t get it. Help!

Hi Andrew,

I am able to cut and paste from a published doc. Could you provide an example, of=r give some more details?


This is it. I think the problem is related to things being look-ups and thus when you hover, they trigger the expanded view. But I haven’t been able to find a way to get a not-delivered-by-a-formula text view.

HI Andrew

I was able to copy from your doc in play view?

Single field:

Row of fields:
|ContentStandardLabel|Priority?|Unit|combined CS and Element|


|MGSE9-12.N.RN.3|true|1|Explain why the sum or product of rational numbers is rational; why the sum of a rational number and an irrational number is irrational; and why the product of a nonzero rational number and an irrational number is irrational.|

A few entries from a column:

It might be a browser or operating system related problem. I am using Chrome on Windows 10.


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Hmmm… Thanks! When I am back in the office tomorrow, I will check across a few platforms. It is definitely an issue with chrome on a PC and safari on a mac - I will check the OS version for the chrome.