How to retrieve most recent page updates and userID via API?

I’m trying to figure out a way to get the last updated timestamp and a user ID of the user who made the last update for the pages within the workspace.

I’ve gone through the API calls that I thought would be relevant to this and the closest thing I can find is that for the /docs API call, it shows an “updatedAt” timestamp. However, it doesn’t show who made the edit, only who the owner of the DOC is.

I tried using the /docs/{docId}/pages api call and it returned a list of the pages within the doc but there was no “updatedAt” timestamp and no ID of the user who made the update.
(It also didn’t show me all the sub-pages of those pages, but that’s something separate)

Ultimately, the reason I want this data, is because I want to use it to generate some statistics about who is making the most contributions to the workspace.

I was able to get this information from Notion using their “search” API call which allows me to pull all recently updated pages.
I was also able to do the same thing in Confluence using their “search content by CQL” call.
I’ll share the links to those in the comments since new user rules prevented from sharing more than 2 links.

Does Coda have something similar that would allow me to do this? I prefer to use Coda, but not being able to get this type of data will be a deal breaker for me.

Thank you!

New user limitation prevented me from sharing this in the original post

Notion’s search API and my example

Couldn’t add this to main post because of new user limitations

Confluence’s search API and my example
developer.atlassian. com /cloud/confluence/rest/api-group-content/#api-wiki-rest-api-content-search-get

Hey there!

I could be wrong but to my knowledge you cannot access the last time a page was updated via their API in any way.

Although you can’t at this time, I know that’s been a feature request by many and also a native Coda function that has been considered (data you could gather inside Coda without the use of its API)

Anyone else got other info??

Thank you Scott!
That’s really unfortunate. Do you know if there’s any way to check which user made the most recent edit to a page via API?

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