How to: Select multiple contacts and create one log entry for them

I have two tables (with a many-to-many relationship): Contacts and LogEntries.

How can I select multiple contacts from my Contacts table and (with the press of a button) create one new log entry in LogEntries that automatically links that new log entry to all the selected contacts?

Thank you so much for you help and support!

Dear @Koen73,

:bulb: Would be great if you could share a dummy doc (no sensitive data) and I am sure we will be able to support you the soonest.

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Set the button to add row to the desired table (log entries) and set the value of the “contacts” column (in the button settings) to [contacts table]. Filter([checkbox])
Hope that’s clear enough, if you need further assistance, it would be helpful if you share a dummy doc, as @Jean_Pierre_Traets said

You can also set the button to clear the selection after adding row to the logEntries table by setting its action to:
Runactions(AddRow([LogEntries], [contacts], [ContactsTable].Filter([checkbox]),...,...), ModifyRows([ContactsTable], [checkbox], false())

*I’m on mobile, hope there’s no errors in the formula