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Hi–I have published a doc but turned discoverability off, so that only people in my domain can see it.

However I’m wondering if the only way they can find the published link is if I give them it directly?

Or, are published doc links listed in the workspace somewhere, for example?

Hey there!

I could be wrong, but I believe you have to actually give it to them directly.

You could create one coda document within your actual workspace that houses them all through which your company would then easily access them.

What you could do is create an analytics doc which automatically pulls in all of your published docs and then filter it accordingly to only show the ones you want, and add a button to open the hyperlink.

This would take out the work for you of consistently updating that document as it would be done automatically.

Hopefully that helps some!

How to create an analytics doc

Once you are in any doc you can head to settings, and then click on “Statistics”

Once you are there, scroll to the bottom and create an analytics doc like this:

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