In text, commenting on top of a larger section of commented text results in that comment not being shown

Hi All

There seems to be a bug where if you comment on text in a page (say over a whole section or paragraph), and then make another comment on some text within that section, the second comment is not shown.
It shoes up in the sidebar as a comment, but when you click on it, it shows the contents of the comment on the larger/whole section.

Can someone else confirm this bug and/or a solution (other than obviously refraining from making comments over other comments)


Hey Evan, thanks for reaching out about this. We’ve reported this bug to our eng team so they’ll be taking a look shortly, and hopefully we’ll be able to find a solution. Sorry for any hassle in the meantime :confused:

Hey Lena

Thanks for responding about this, much appreciated - will keep a look out to see when it’s fixed.

Hey Evan, as a heads up it looks like this is expected behavior. The encapsulating comment will be shown over the second comment by default and you’ll need to use the sidebar to access that second comment if added.

We have passed your feedback on to our product team for review in the meantime and are here if you have any other questions on this!

Hi Renita
Thanks for looking into this - As you describe it makes sense, but in the sidebar the content shown for the second comment was/is the content of the encapsulating comment - so that is seemingly where the bug is

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