Information on how to use _DEREF


I’m trying to create a report containing data from 3 tables which are linked.

For the report I need to setup a nested repeat loop to traverse Table1 and use one of its column data (C1) as the key to the Table2 and use one of its column data (C2) as the key to another Table3.

Based on one of the templates I think I need to use FormulaMap and _DEREF functions.

I can’t find any documentation on how to use the _DEREF function.

Would appreciate any help in alternate ways to setup nested repeat loops or documentation on _DEREF function.



Hi @Ratish_Gupta, where did you see the use of the _DEREF formula? In terms of using a column of data as the key in another table, you can accomplish this by doing a basic Lookup() formula. Can you paste a screenshot of your tables and elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to accomplish?


Hi Al,

Saw _DEREF being used in the Org Chart template.

I need to use _DEREF as my column data has multiple items from another table.

Also, I think _DEREF could be used to setup repeat loops and that just opens so many possibilities (like semi macros), especially outside of the tables.

My use case is as following

3 task type tables with the following hierarchy from Highest to Lowest

Integration Phases -> Goals -> Building Blocks

I want to build a status report (numbered or bulleted list) showing the different integration phases with its related goals and related building blocks for each goal.

Also, if possible want to add conditional formatting based on the status of each Integration Phase, Goal and Building Block.

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Hi @Ratish_Gupta, we actually sunsetted the _DEREF function, so unfortunately you cannot use it anymore in your docs :neutral_face:. On the org chart template, it’s running a different version of Coda where the _DEREF function still works, but we aren’t supporting that function anymore in production docs.

Your use case definitely involves some recursion, and it looks like you were able to get a version of this running in the “Phase+Goals” column of your doc. What formula did you use there?


Hi Al,

In the Phase+Goals i’m using the following formula

If( [# of Goals]>1, bulletedList(thisRow,[Master Goals].Lookup([Goal Phase], thisRow).NumberedList()), bulletedlist(thisRow) )

I would like to combine this with the “Related BB” column in Master Goals table

If([# of BB per Goal]>1,NumberedList(thisRow,[Master Building Blocks].Lookup([BB Goal], thisRow).NumberedList()) , NumberedList(thisRow))

such that I can get the following

  1. Integration Phase

a. Related Goals

i. Related BBs