Insufficient workspace permissions error upon start

I have a problem. When I start Coda I get the follwoing error:

“Insufficient workspace permissions”

if I press the “back to doc list” button I end up in my workspace and it works again.

This happens after I have deleted a couple of workspaces I was testing with.
I’m left with one workspace, I’m the owner/creator of it, and I have the permission to edit it.
Is there some configuration I should change to make this error disappear?

Hi @Francesco_Di_Tolla :blush: and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’ve never encountered this specific error so I have no idea how to help you, exactly :sweat_smile: but maybe you could try to :

  • Log out from/log back in your Coda account ?
  • Clearing your browser cache and cookies ?

… if you haven’t done so already :innocent: .
Maybe there’s just something stuck somewhere on Coda’s side after the deletion of those workspaces :thinking:

If nothing works, the next time this happens, I would suggest you to contact Coda’s Support directly :blush: (by clicking on the green and white bubble speech which appears at the bottom right of your screenshot) so they should be able to take a look and see where’s the problem :blush:


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