Integrate Jitsi as a service videoconf system

I wanted to integrate Jitsi as a service videoconferencing system into my Coda page

They provide an iFrame code to be embedded, but seems Coda embed expect only an URL and not an HTML code like this one

Wanted to ask if there is a way to embed this kind of elements

Hi @Davide_Z :blush: !

For sites you wish to integrate which only give you an <iframe ... ></iframe>, you can try and use the src URL from the opening <iframe> HTML tag in an Embed() formula :blush:


<iframe width="x" height="y" 
 src="URL"  // this is the URL you could try to use
 title="Title" frameborder="z" 
 allow="something; something-else; ... ;"></iframe>

And in Coda, you could have something like:


If it doesn’t work (as embeds can be a little moody :innocent: ), you could try :

Embed("URL_from_src", force: true)

Or, seeing they have an API and alike, maybe a pack could help too :blush:

I hope this helps a little :innocent:

My error, looking at the code seems they are not directly exposing an iFrame but creating everything using a script like

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <script src='' async></script>
    <style>html, body, #jaas-container { height: 100%; }</style>
    <script type="text/javascript">
      window.onload = () => {
        const api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI("", {
          roomName: "vpaas-magic-cookie-myCookieCode/SampleAppSystematicOrgansShutFlatly",
          parentNode: document.querySelector('#jaas-container')
  <body><div id="jaas-container" /></body>

Looking at the called JavaScipt I didn’t see any easy URL to get, is created from different calls.

If you are interested I can pass you in PM my example page

Not being a dev’ and still an “almost nothing” of a Pack Maker, I honestly and sadly, wouldn’t know how to help you with this :pensive: … Sorry :sweat: .

Maybe someone more knowledgeable than I am will help you here :blush: .

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Never mind, a feedback from an expert user is always really useful to proceed!

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