Interactive filter


I would like to make my interactive filter work better. The filter should look into 3 columns based on the keywords of the category I select.

Here are the 3 formulas I’ve used for this interactive filter:

  • find(lower(selectcategory),thisRow.message)>1
  • find(lower(selectcategory),thisRow.[vision labels])>1
  • find(lower(selectcategory),thisRow.[vision objects])>1

It works pretty well when there’s only 1 keyword like “nachos”, “quesadilla”, “tortas”,… (who’s hungry? :sweat_smile: ). But it does not work for “meat burritos”. In practice, I would like to filter on “meat” OR “burritos”.

Thanks for you help guys!


See if this gives you any ideas for moving forward:


Wonderful, thank you!

Creating a new list with separated keywords then a multi-selection filter looks like the way to go.

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