Intercom to CRM Doc


I’m looking to create a new contact entry in the Sales CRM doc every time a site visitor enters their email in an Intercom conversation. I don’t see any Intercom triggers other than converting a lead to a user.

Any suggestions?


Hi @Nick_Burling, were you able to find a solution to your question? One idea I have is to set up an Automation so that anytime your doc notices an e-mail address, it would automatically trigger the CreateUser() function in Intercom.


I may be wrong, but I think your proposal assumes that my Coda CRM doc is already aware of the new email address, which is what I’m trying to accomplish.

I think the answer is probably to set up a Zap that triggers on new leads in Intercom and enters their email address into the CRM Doc in Coda.


Yes, my idea here is that you would scan the conversation for e-mail addresses (searching for text containing “@”) but this may result in some false positives. Your Zapier solution is also a good idea!