Is it possible to disable the circle around some lookups?

This is probably not on anyone’s agenda, but I was wondering if it is possible to disable the circle that appears around lookups when referenced by another row. I’m very sensitive to certain details and all of the shapes on the screen can really become an issue for me. I try to use lookups and then reference them with a select list, but then if I change the name on those lists then it breaks the chain, and it also requires additional setup.

Here’s a photo of what I’m talking about…

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Hi Nate,

This is not possible natively in Coda settings that I am aware of. I am quite new to Coda myself.

I currently use a CSS extension in Chrome to overwrite some of the default formatting options site wide (colours in form headings etc).

Once installed use the element selector to choose one of the lookups and then apply forced formatting. Something like this will do:

.qYv_YSak .VY4_uu61 {
    border: 0px;

Example of this:

As you can see it still highlights grey on hover but you can change this also.

Note that if Coda change the class of the HTML elements you will need to redo it.

You will need to turn this on each time you need it or apply it automatically by giving the extension rights.

An alternative is to create a second column, set it to a formula that uses “ToText” and use this as the column to show.

ToText( [Lookup column] )

This will display anything as plain text. You lose any formatting (text colour/highlight) that the lookup may have had and you now also have 2 columns but only one is functional.

A good use case for ToText is if you want to concatenate a reference into some other text. It will concatenate as a selectable link unless you use ToText to force the issue.

I hope this helps.



Dear @nate_hurst,

Really disabling is not possible, as its a feature to recognize the lookup.
The good news is that you can create a view of the same table where you call the lookup column as text and can hide the lookup column. In this way you can make the “front end” looking up to your preference and at the “backend” keep the possibilities to select as needed.

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