Is it possible to have this setup use less columns?

Hi all.
I have already received a lot of help in my latest quest, especially from @Quentin_Morel, but I am wondering if I have made the right choice when it comes to the table setup.

The scenario is a school band competition where two adjudicators are assessing the bands, each awarding points in 10 categories.

I have set up a master table with two columns for each of the 10 assessment categories, like “Dramatization 1” for adjudicator 1 and “Dramatization 2” for adjudicator 2, etc.
Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 09.45.49
This way I know that there will not be any conflict and the adjudicators each fill out their separate forms.

Of course, this results in 10 columns just for the assessment categories in addition to calculations, rankings (thanks again, @Quentin_Morel!), timings, comments, etc.

The setup works fine but if there are ways to avoid using so many columns I greatly appreciate suggestions for improvements.

Thanks! And Go Coda! :blush:

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Hi @Kjell_Pettersen
Thanks for the mention :wink:

Don’t know if this is easier, but if you dont need the detail of the grade into the Band Row, you can create a 3-column Table for each of your adjudicator

  • First Colum : The band
  • Second : The category (Dramatisering, Utmarsj, etc…)
    Last : The Grade

each of your adjudicator will create as many grade as needed, for each category, and each band. It’s a lot of rows, but only three columns. (Eventually Group by Bands)

Then, in your Band summarizing, just call the automatic reference to get all the grade given by Adjudicator 1 and 2, and also the calculated average

Honestly, dont know if this is easier, and dont know how your band need to know the different grade they receive in each category, but if you wish is so, this has the advantage to reduce the number of column, but loosing some information in your Band table (Please notice that you dont need to show the individual grade in your Band table, you can only call for the average, to reduce the number of column, as this is the key to calculate your rank)

Let’s discuss this !

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Once again thanks, @Quentin_Morel!
I will have to play around with that solution to see what you are doing with formulas and references but it does look like a good option. The bands do not need to know the details unless they were to ask, which has never happened. And three columns is an awesome downsizing!

The band table can have only the global average, extract from all the notation of your adjudicator 1 and 2

If you wanna play with dummy doc to test, do not hesitate

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Great, thank you for taking the time to set this up!

That was very quick, and you can check the different formulas. Of course you can add as many button as you want, and you can put the different adjudicator table in separate pages, so that each one work in the same time in the document, each on his own page. It can be very clean (particularly love the subject, I’m a piano player, used to be part of a band, so… :slight_smile: )

And even if the adjudicator table will, have lots of rows, the easy filtering system in CODA allows you to very quickly limit the display !

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Perfect! I am gonna play around with your suggestion and see if I can easily implement it.

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