Is it possible to template non-table content?


Using tables as templates is quite simple. In addition I am trying to template standard text snippets, so that I can quickly build reports with standardised text (and data presentation from table templates).

Is this possible?


Not sure if you tried something similar, but here is something that may work:


First, I created two text references, “Standard text” and “Alternate text”. To create them, I typed =, then added the following when the formula prompt appeared:


You have to hit the ^ to bring up that bottom menu where you can name this text. I repeated this process for “Alternate Text” like so:


Sadly, I do not have a screen recorder setup to capture the process like some other people do on these forums.

Once the text has a name, you can reference it in other places by that name. For example:


While typing I hit = to bring up the formula prompt and added the above formula. In short, the formula determines whether to insert “Standard text” or “Alternate Text” based on the date. Introduction is the name of the Standard Text and Other is the name of the Alternate Text, which you can see in the above images.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! This was pretty cool, although not exactly what I was looking for.

If I could type ‘=introduction’ to insert a longer, preformatted text containing, say, a title and some paragraphs I would be a happy puppy. I’m trying to steer clear of a copy-paste world :slight_smile: