Is progressive disclosure possible in forms?

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I’m putting together a published form that I’d like to have a progressive disclosure experience in. Similar to when you’re filling out a checkout form there is a checkbox for “shipping address is the same as the billing address.” I’m doing a very similar thing, but with emails (the people filling my form may use one email for communication, but another email for their account of an app we’re collaborating in).

This is my current set up, without progressive disclosure:

But I’d prefer to offer something like this:

And upon clicking that checkbox another field for capturing that different email would appear (and would be required to submit the form).

Is such a thing possible? If not, any recommendations for best practices in how to handle this?

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Coda has a place for this in their forms that when some condition is true, it wouldn’t let user submit, mark in red the field, and give a message that would be customizeable

You’ve got to tinker with it a bit though, I don’t think it’s even mentioned here: Forms | Coda Help Center

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Thanks Jake, that’s a helpful clue for what I can explore next! Appreciate the reply

If coda forms don’t work out for you, maybe you can try Typeform, there is a TypeForm Pack and you can find useful docs explaining how to utilize the TypeForm pack in Coda, I’m not sure what it does but you can look into it and see if it can be helpful for your use case.

I haven’t used TypeForm, I just know its’s used for forms :person_shrugging:.

There is also JotForm, PaperFrom and Tally Forms.

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