Is there a button to duplicate multiple columns?

Hi Team,

Is there a button to duplicate multiple columns? When we quote jobs we often do variation quotes, using the base quote as reference or alternatively we do working budgets while being able to see the original budget alongside is really helpful.

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Hi Ivan,

The short answer is no, you need to copy columns one by one.

However, depending on your table structure, you might not need to put the information in new columns, but rather rows, as such:

Base budget Labor 10
Base budget Material 1 20
Base budget Material 2 30
New budget Labor 15
New budget Material 1 25
New budget Material 2 25

Copying new rows is usually easier, either with copy/paste, or using buttons.


@Piet_Strydom Thank you. It kind of an industry thing, when you quote a job you want to repeat some inputs alongside the initial quote for comparison, in the same table. In the industry software it repeats the relevant columns with the same values via a button alongside the source columns, the columns are then editable without affecting the source columns.