Is there a "Pause Calculations" button somewhere?

I’m hoping maybe I have just overlooked the ability to pause/freeze all calculations in a doc to allow me to step in and fix a problem. There are so many times that I have been brought to a halt because I had a bad formula in a column. Sometimes just from clicking away from the formula to double check the name of something I want to use in the formula or sometimes just experimenting to try to accomplish something I haven’t tried before. And I can’t even delete the formula because the whole doc becomes unresponsive.

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Hi @Ms_Adams :blush: !

To stop calculations, you can append ?nocalc=true to the doc’s url :blush:

With the Doc’s url looking somewhat like this :

or the short version of a Doc’s url :

It should also work with a Page url:

or the short version :

This should give you the opportunity to fix an issue you might have :blush: !

Add-on: Where it might not work as expected is when you append the ?nocalc=true to the url of a specific line on the canvas :blush: :
So, something looking like:

In that case, the ?nocalc=true needs to be added between the _suPageID and the #_luLineID


Hope this helps :innocent: !


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