Is there a way to do per-Page metadata?

Is there a way to read/write metadata on a page? I’m thinking like yaml frontmatter in some engines. I’d love to be able to specify arbitrary key:value pairs on pages, possibly driving this from a template. So for instance I could have a key called comment_key whose value is unique per page, and exposes an embedded form to add a comment with the key field filled out so that it shows up under that page, if that makes sense?

Or like, more specifically to my use case, I’d love to be able to have e.g. tags on pages that I can use to automatically build cross-links between pages.

Hi @Mykola_Bilokonsky, per-page meta data was added recently for publishing so it should show better in all things SEO as well.

Is there documentation about it somewhere so I know how best to use it?

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