Is there a way to have a row open when it is created in a table that references it?

In my table People, I have two columns, Name and Hair Color. Hair Color is a lookup of values from the table Hair Colors. Now, in the table Hair Colors, I have Color Name and Color Hex. When I am entering people in my People table, I notice that I do not have “Pink” as a hair color, so I write it into the column, and it gives me the option to add pink via “+ Pink”. When I do this, I have no easy way to then add something to the Color Hex field. Is there a way to have the Hair Color row edit popup to show up when I add a new hair color this way?

  • People [Table]

    • Name [Column]
    • Hair Color [Column] [Lookup]
  • Hair Colors [Table]

    • Color Name [Column]
    • Color Hex [Column]