Is there anyway to have a row added to a group default to the value of the group it is in?

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Is there anyway to have a row added to a group default to the value of the group it is in?

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Hey @Ivan_Barge ,

this should always be the case when you add a row inside of a grouped view. Can you specify the use case in which it doesn’t work?

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Hi @M_Schneider

Thank you and I feel a bit dumb, you’re right. The issue I was having is around Lookup’s it seems.
-I have a database where I have items which are tagged by three category columns.
-I don’t always need to see all the items in my budget, so a lookup felt like a good idea.
-However the database becomes a mess, as when I add a new entry from the budget it doesn’t pick up category descriptions.
-This might work if I have three groups on my table view, but that’s a lot of real estate and quite ugly. When I hide the group it doesn’t work.

Any thoughts appreciated?

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Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 8.31.07 AM

@M_Schneider So I figured that out, below, it’s not pretty. But It does mean new entries get tagged and live in the right place.

My next issue is that in each section I want to limit the lookup options for the item, it shows items from every section at the moment, if I filter the lookup then that adds that filter to every view, whereas I want the filter to be different in every section
Ugly solution for previous issue below:
Switch(thisRow.Group,“Sound”,“Post-Production”,“Online”,“Post-Production”,“Offline”,“Post-Production”,“Crew”,“Crew”,“Art Crew”,“Crew”,“Director/Producer”,“Director/Producer”,“Days”,“Director/Producer”,“Camera”,“Equipment”,“Lighting/Grip”,“Equipment”,“Other”,“Equipment”,“Art Materials”,“Art Department”,“Art Construction”,“Art Department”,“Wardrobe/MU”,“Art Department”,“Food”,“Art Department”,“Animals”,“Art Department”,“Miscellaneous”,“Miscellaneous”,“Talent”,“Talent”,“Extras”,“Talent”,“Talent Misc.”,“Talent”,“Location”,“Location/Travel”,“Studio”,“Location/Travel”,“Vehicle”,“Location/Travel”,“Catering”,“Location/Travel”,“Travel”,“Location/Travel”,“Pre-Prod.”,“Pre-Production”,“Location Scout”,“Pre-Production”,“Casting”,“Pre-Production”,“Recce”,“Pre-Production”)

@M_Schneider I seemed to have sussed it out, apologies I’m very new!