Is this use case/schema possible with coda?

I’m trying to make a coda doc/schema that would better serve my small church. Right now our pastor manually copies and pastes text to multiple locations and the information is not easily accessed. I would like to automate this for him and also make the information more accessible and modernized.

I’ve made a miro diagram showing what I envision and I also made a “proof of concept” coda doc for what I would like for our Sunday Service Bulletin to look like.

I would appreciate any feedback on getting started to make sure I’m structuring this right so I don’t run into limitations and not be able to produce what I’m looking for.

Right now the biggest issue I’m seeing is that I don’t see a way to “automate” a template doc. I would like our weekly bulletin to be its own doc, crossdoc’d to a master database, where each new row is a new week, with all the relevant information to populate the mapped fields in the template. If this is not an option, any workarounds or better suggestions?

I’m also open to paying for some time with a consultant if that would help me build a better schema and avoid dead-ends and unnecessary rabbit-holes.

Miro: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Coda: Copy of Bridge Chapel Lord’s Day Service

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