Join two Tables

I have two tables Builds and Orders.

Both have a common field Order ID

I want to display, in a view, data from both tables. My view has Builds with a lookup to Orders.

What is the syntax so I can join the two tables and see the details from Orders that match the Builds.OrderID.

So it should be equivalent to Orders.OrderId = Builds.OrderId

I assume its a filter but where do I put the formula and what is it?

Dear @Jeff_Wright,

I recommend to watch this video “formula fitness” made by the Codan’s, Justin and Maria
There is also a sample doc included for your kind reference!

The solution is in there. wel explained and you will feel proud when you make it yourself. :star:

Of course if it happens that you still face some challenges, kindly share a dummy doc and I will help you out :handshake: