Jotform Button Results Column Broken


I use the JotForm pack extensively, and yesterday I got a lot of notifications that a bunch of my automations failed. All the automations that failed involved buttons I created on Jotform. The issue seems to be that the column I created to be the results column is being read as a calculated column. I tried to make another regular text column to use as the results, but got the same error, see bellow:

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Interesting. Creator of Jotform pack here but I don’t think this is an issue with the pack.

Happy to investigate if you share the link though

Thanks Scott, we’ve worked together before so I had your email and invited you to a test doc I made.

The button still performs it’s function, but the results column stays blank.

Yeah super weird - definitely think that’s a Coda bug and should be reported via their normal bug channels

Thanks for checking. I’ll report this now.

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