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Hi All!

I’m looking to share with our team, hoping they will choose to adopt it as an internal knowledge base.

I’ve created a page for this purpose. It outlines, for example, what are essential features of a good knowledge base.

I want help from the community regarding why Coda makes a good knowledge base and maybe some examples of what others have created.

Thank you!


HI Amir, Welcome back!

Two suggestions:

  • Dictionary table.
    I like having a dictionary table that defines terms or acronyms that are used in the rest of the doc. Typically three columns - Term, Definition, Further info. Eg. Term: GDP, Definition: Gross Domestic Product (The total production in the economy of a country), Further info: A link to say an Investopedia article explaining, or your own explanation.

Then wherever you use the term GDP in the doc type @ and then search in the dropdown for the entry in the dictionary table. The term will tehn be highlighted, and you can mouse-over for a pop-up, or click to go to the row in the table.

  • The second is that I generally prefer to have the information in a table, which makes it easier to search. You can always put bigger comments in a canvas column in the table.

@Piet_Strydom I appreciate the suggestions friend :smiley:

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