Launched: Ability to expand cell for better writing

Awesome update - been waiting for this

Awesome! Thank you for listening to the community.

I noticed that the little icon also appears when you expand/open the detail form with layout. That’s great but I think the rich text editor should be enabled by default in this view (since you are already in a popup with lots of space, unlike the table view). So it shouldn’t be necessary to open yet another pop up if you want to use one of the buttons in the nice rich text toolbar. Or at least be configurable per field.

On a related note, this whole “Notes” functionality should have its own column type (separated from Text) to have better control over these particularities. For example, a “Note” type should also have the option to control whether you want to see multilines in a table/card view (depending on the content/purpose, it might be desirable to see multi line in the card view, but not in the table view)


I love it! This was something we really needed. Thank you!

Hi Helen

Can you please let me know what the hold up is on the ability to lookup doc to doc?

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Great feature! I know I’ll use it! A couple of questions:

  • what is the shortcut for Windows users?
  • it appears that this only works when I expand the row. I wish it would work in table view.

Thanks for the new feature!

Yesss! I’ve been waiting for this, thank you!

I agree that being able to add images into the mix and have it be a separate column type would make the feature perfect.

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Got it. Ctrl-Shift-E in Windows. And now it works in table view!

I love it much.

Helena Jaramillo via The Coda Community 於 2019年5月1日 週三 上午3:09寫道:

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Hey Helena,

That’s really a very helpful function which definitely makes my life easier. Has it deployed yet?


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Great addition. Have been wanting a way to keep more thorough notes in the tables.

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Very good new feature, it is hellpful!

An interest feature to think is transformate the coda doc in a canvas, not a doc made in lines like Word. It woulld be very interesting to combine informations and build Apps!


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Hi! Yep - it’s ready now!

I really like this feature, especially for inserting lists into text columns. One buggy thing I noticed as I’ve been using this new feature, though, is that when I use Ctrl-Z within the expanded cell view, it undoes every change I have made since opening the expanded view. This is a minor thing, but would help make this feature a little more easy to use. Good work!

I too think this is a great feature.

My experience has been that, if I don’t click Done, and exit the window then I lose all my work.

I’d like to see the following:

  1. Changes were auto-saved (as there is already a Cancel Changes option), OR
  2. If auto-save isn’t possible, then a warning that changes are about to be lost

Oh God yes.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for a tool to feel robust.
I’m already paranoid of losing work after typing up half a page in a rich text cell and losing all my work after clicking away. However, this became a real issue after one of the other leads lost his work as well and now is complaining loudly to the rest of the team.

In this day and age people simply expect input to be remembered or safeguarded against loss, less so than changes and especially given the undo functionality.

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Dear @Helena_Jaramillo,

There seems to be an issue with saving of the big text cell.

Would you mind to investigate and take the necessary actions

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Hi there - thanks for your feedback! We’re aware of the issues with saving text in big cell and hope to provide a better experience soon.

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Hi @GJ_Roelofs Sorry to hear about your data loss - we understand the kinds of problems that can create. We hope to provide a better experience soon!

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No worries, I have all the trust in the engineering team and am just here to help with the process.

Nice addition! Do you think it can be useful to make the column name editable?